Strawberries for the Picking

What can be more fun than finding a big fat ripe strawberry ready for the picking?

The colour and flavour of your home grown organic strawberries will remind you why organic produce is just so popular these days.

When I was a child my grandmother stewed strawberries and then set them into a jelly – a pure fruit jelly.

I can remember loading up a thick slice of bread with this strawberry jelly from the fridge – ohh it was so wonderful.

Strawberries are also star performers in the decoration department for cakes and desserts. Who can say no to a slice of sponge with cream and strawberries.

I’ve been at dinner parties where a big handsome bowl of strawberries has been put out on the table with chocolates for dessert. There were no complaints!

Mmm chocolate and strawberries – what a pleasant thought.

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