​Growing your own organic food has many health benefits:

  • You know exactly what is in the food you feed your family.

  • You can have nutritionally superior and tastier produce at a fraction of the price of a supermarket.

  • Gardening is relaxing and stress-relieving, as well as great exercise.

  • Your children will learn where food really comes from.

Handy Harvesting Guide | Fruit

Harvest your own fresh fruit at it's peak ripeness—when they are sweet and delicious

Thumbnail - Capsicum


Californian Wonder, Macaroni Red Capsicum features in our Summer vegetables, as peppers need long, warm summers to mature. You can pick your capsicums before the colour develops in them as long as they have reached full size. For the long sweet capsicums this is at least 10cm in length and for the bell capsicums it is at least 10cm in length and 6cm wide.
Thumbnail - Cucumbers


Lebanese, Muncher Burpless
Harvest cucumbers when you think they are big enough, which is about the same as they would appear on the supermarket shelves. If left to grow too big they will bleach and lose flavour. Cucumbers are a favorite of our Summer crop list.


Money Maker, Sweetie, Tommy Toe, Tropic, Yellow Perfection
Tomatoes are the star attraction of our Summer crop. With 6 different varieties we have tomatoes for just about any taste! It is important not to over-water your tomatoes once they begin to ripen as this can cause them to go floury. The best way to tell when your "tommys" are ready is to eat one once it is full colour. Your taste buds are the best indicator!
Thumbnail - Chilli


Cayenne Slim, Fiesta, Jalapeno, Magnum, Ring Of Fire
Thumbnail - Rockmelon


Hales Best
Rockmelon add the sweetness to our Summer crop. When your rockmelons are ready for picking, you should see them develop a small crack where the stalk attaches itself to the melon. If when you try to pick it the stem snaps easily, the fruit is mature.
Thumbnail - Strawberry


Strawberries are a Winter favorite for our customers. We have found that the best degree of ripeness for maximum flavour is when each fruit is three quarters red. Cut off with scissors to avoid bruising fruit. Be sure to harvest on time as fruit ripens very quickly.


Watermelons are a refreshing addition to our Summer harvest. Watermelons are similar to rockmelons to harvest. Once the fruit stalk dries out and a small split appears where it joins the melon, try to pick it. If the stalk snaps easily the fruit is mature.