Organic Pest Control

Snails, slaters and white cabbage moth have proven to be the three biggest contenders to fruit and vegetable attack.

Depending on the season, we have determined the amount and for how long a pest may be present.

Pests - Snails


We use a copper tape around each garden bed to control snails. Other options are burying bait stations or a cup filled with beer into the soil.

Pests - Slaters


To combat slaters cut a yellow grapefruit in half and scoop out all the flesh. Then simply place the empty grapefruit halves around the vegetable patch. Each morning, check underneath the halves and scoop any slaters out—drown them in a bucket of water or place into the bin.

Pests - Cabbage Moth


The Cabbage Moth can mostly be found from the start of September until December. These pests are very territorial.

One of the ways to control them is to spray your patch with our Neem Oil mix. This can be done every 2-3 days to minimise infestations. A cool Summer will prolong the time the Cabbage moth is around. If this is the case, you may be required to spray Neem Oil in between fortnightly maintenance visits.

Alternatively, cut out white moth shapes using recycled white plastic containers and tying them to the top of a stick. This will make the real moths believe that there are too many moths already feeding on the crop, so they will keep flying to find another source of food.

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