• Instant Organic Garden – Installation, Reticulation & Planting

    Your Patch will install your own garden tubs, complete with organic soil and water wise reticulation, and plant out your first crop.

Have you ever picked an organic home grown corn straight from the plant and eaten it without cooking? Does the idea of picking a basket full of salad greens, cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes and celery every day appeal to you?

What about introducing your children to organic veggies so that they can pick and taste from their own edible garden?

We can help you to achieve this as well as giving you the knowledge to get hands on in your garden!

The goal of Your Patch is to master the lost art of backyard organic food production for self-sustainability. Our maintenance program allows you to rest assured that you will have a successful yield while you take interest and learn about the world of organic gardening for yourself, with some great hints from us every fortnight!

Your organic gardening package includes:

  • Installation. Durable corrugated iron tubs.
  • Reticulation. Quality fittings and proven drip line.
  • Organic Soil. NASSA certified mix delivered and prepared.
  • Certified Organic mulch and compost.
  • Heirloom Seeds & Seedlings. Planned and planted.
  • Maintenance. Using certified organic products.

Your Patch is a family business that began in 2003. Tims’ years of invaluable experience has helped Your Patch thrive and service clients across the Perth Metro area.

We can be involved in individual elements of your project or manage the entire process from installation and design, to fortnightly maintenance using organic pest control methods.

Once you have the knowledge and time to tend to your own vegetable garden your food bill will drop significantly. You will also get to eat the freshest organic vegies that you have ever had!

Your Patch was recently featured on the channel 7 show “My Garden Your Garden”. Click on the link below to watch Tim in action!


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