Scorching summer sunshine

Coming into summer (finally) once again, we are advising people to be very aware of their soil moisture levels. Two or three 35 degree plus days in a row can have a devastating affect on your crop if you do not handwater. While our reticulation usually provides good water flow most of the year, our summers are continuing to become increasingly hot and dry with scorching easterley breezes which neccesitates handwatering to cool down and rehydrate the plants themselves and the soil. The moisture and handwatering of your organic garden is your responsibility over summer as we can only do so much once as fortnight. We will manage your water timer settings and adjust accordingly but you must handwater on the extremely warm weeks 3-5 minutes per bed to keep optimum levels. Watch your plants, if they look like they are wilting, get out there with the hose and give them some love. They grow for you and thrive on your attention and involvement.