Growing Garlic – now is the time to plant

Now is the time to plant Garlic

Garlic is one of the oldest grown plants and has antiseptic and antibiotic qualities as well as being full of vitamins, minerals and great to boost immunity. No wonder that it has been used and grown for thousands of years. So much of the garlic sold in Australian shops is imported and this means that…

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

In modern times, we ofter fail to look to simple herbs and spices for their health benefits, instead reaching for the chemical filled medicine cabinets. We overlook the fact that ginger has some amazing uses and has been cultivated and revered by the Chinese and Indians for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine it has…

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How To Tell When Onions Are Ready To Pick

The time to harvest onions is when the tops go yellow and fold over. Onions are best grown in sandy soils as too much organic matter can make them go soft. If this happens they won’t keep or store well. Be careful when you pull them up that you don’t damage them. They won’t store…

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