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The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

In modern times, we ofter fail to look to simple herbs and spices for their health benefits, instead reaching for the chemical filled medicine cabinets. We overlook the fact that ginger has some amazing uses and has been cultivated and revered by the Chinese and Indians for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine it has […]

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Sugar Snap Peas on Trelis

Winter Orders Open

So get your orders in now!

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Winter is coming!

We are currently starting to raise our winter crop seedlings. Over the next 6 weeks we will be first remineralizing, fertilising and topping up with compost for those customers composting at home in preparation for the winter plantout. Next maintenance will be a clearing and priming of the beds then the call after winter seed […]

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Shade is the only way.

It has become undeniable now that your garden needs shade through the december-february period. We are noticing that gardens with shade are thriving while shadeless gardens are roasting and wilting. We advise all of our customers to get shade sails for their gardens. We are working on finding a suitable company with a modest price […]

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Scorching summer sunshine

Coming into summer (finally) once again, we are advising people to be very aware of their soil moisture levels. Two or three 35 degree plus days in a row can have a devastating affect on your crop if you do not handwater. While our reticulation usually provides good water flow most of the year, our […]

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Beans are the Party Animals of the Garden

Beans go with so many wonderful flavours its hard to know where to start. They sizzle so well with butter or olive oil and garlic. They party with nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews, pine nuts and walnuts. Beans are happy to be seen with herbs like parsley, chives and mint. Our family got hooked on […]

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Lettuce Give Thanks

November is a wonderful time for lettuce. It’s warmer but still not too hot. I think it is worth having an organic vegetable patch just for the bliss of being able to pick lettuce fresh for your salad each evening. If you take a few leaves from the outside the lettuce keeps producing. Having several […]

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Strawberries for the Picking

What can be more fun than finding a big fat ripe strawberry ready for the picking? The colour and flavour of your home grown organic strawberries will remind you why organic produce is just so popular these days. When I was a child my grandmother stewed strawberries and then set them into a jelly – […]

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Pass the Homegrown Peas Please

I have vivid memories of my grandmother shelling peas for dinner. It is unlikely that many children today would have ever seen such a thing. It is lovely to shell peas with children. They enjoy the smell and the sweetness of fresh garden peas. It is so much fun to pop open the pod and […]

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Time to Enjoy your Organic Carrots

It is hard not to be impressed with carrots as you pull them up. Like everything grown in your own garden there is something remarkable in harvesting a beautiful vegetable grown from seed. Before organic produce really took off great numbers of people had already worked out that supermarket carrots tasted like soap. The carrots […]

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